Realtime 3D Engine

Add interactive 3d to your website

One of the best ways to showcase your product, invention,  or device is to allow visitors to your site explore a 3D representation that can be zoomed into, rotated and panned over.  Show them every angle, every feature, and every awesome detail.  Let them experiment with colors and options.  Our 3d web engine even has an option to view in stereoscopic 3D mode.  Really connect with your potential customers, give them an interactive experience they will not soon forget!

A 3D Engine is a Flash SWC Component
that enables you to publish interactive 3D content online.

3D Engine Features

  • File 3D importation: Collada and Wavefront Obj.
  • File compression for fast loading.
  • Object Hierarchy ( parent child relations ).
  • Object and Camera Animation by tween.
  • Infinite number of lights.
  •  Fast render: over 80.000 polygons in realtime with textures, reflections and transparency.
  •  Rendering mode: wireframe, solid and stereoscopic 3D view (using red/blue glasses).
  • Interactive 2D HotPoints over the 3D scene.
  • Scene background with alpha for mixing animated Flash elements with the 3D Scene.
  • Export the 3D scene view as image.
3D Engine examples