Ultra Real 3D people

Ultra Real  3D people and Characters

The modeling of human facial features is both one of the most challenging and sought after elements in computer-generated imagery. Computer facial animation is a highly complex field where models typically include a very large number of animation variables.

Sometimes getting a real live actor or human model,  that fits your exact needs & specifications is difficult.  Not to mention, live talent is expensive and sometimes uncooperative.  Think of extreme locations or environments that make using real humans impractical, or even impossible.  This is where realistic 3D people rise to the occasion.  In some cases, ultra realistic  3D people can look better, and perform better than the real thing.  Don't limit yourself to just one form of reality!  Recent advances in 3D modeling & rendering technology has made it possible to create virtually any type of human person that in some situatons,  can look almost indistinguishable from a real living creature.  Customizations are endless.  Fantasy scenarios are possible.  Get a ultra real 3D person, character, or mascot (or animal, or cartoon character) representing your brand, company, or business website.  The possibilities available are only limited by your own imagination.