Storyboard Concept

Storyboard and Concept development
A 'blueprint' that depicts the sequence of the key scenes (setting, dialogue, and action) of an animation with pictures or sketches and text. It helps the client to visualize the concept and in deciding whether or not to proceed with the final production.

We can develop a concept from scratch, help you with an existing idea, and bring your vision to light in a professionally presented storyboard.  A well crafted storyboard helps with every stage of production.  With it, we will always be on the same page, and we'll always know what comes next in the production pipeline.  FNM3D prides itself on taking the time to extensively develop a  detailed and complete storyboard at the start of any project. An approved storyboard can more quickly be turned into a slick animated final product.  Animating without a proper storyboard can be compared to driving without a seat belt. Animation without storyboarding can happen, but we really don't recommend it.