3D Scenes

3D Scene & Environment  Creation

A building, landscape, city or any other place that you have to represent in 3D is scene. The scene contains the structure (wireframes/3D mesh), lighting, cameras and all the necessary props. It's saved on a hard drive like any other computer file and is the "master" for all of the renderings and animations that are generated.

FNM3D has over a decade of expertise in 3D graphics creation. Over the years, we have developed many different 3D scenes and environments that can be used as locations or like sets for your virtual animated production.  Outer space, the ocean, high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, stunning out door environments, complete with trees, grass and flora...even inside the human body.  The list goes on and on. Combined with a custom developed  3D actor/character, virtually any scenario, in any locale is possible.